Well That’s That

My son and his fiance broke things off.  I’ve been postponing ending my blog in case things changed but….it’s apparently not happening anytime soon. My pinning on Pinterest is still very useful if you are planning a wedding.  Also I’ve started pinning craft projects and recipes galore on there so it’s not all a total wash. 🙂

Thank you for following me. 🙂


Only 50 Weeks To Plan?!!!

Yesterday my husband finally received his schedule for next year so we could start setting up dates.  If my future daughter-in-law wants to  have a November wedding, the best week will be the first weekend in November…..YAY!  We have a date!  But wait!  That’s not a year away.  I only have 50 weeks to rake through Pinterest, try things out, dream!

At least I have the holidays to try out new recipes, decorating styles, etc.  I have already started being the helpful neighbor so I can try out my (not so) mad skills on people.

I started actually “testing things out” two weeks ago.  I tried easy peanut butter balls.  Guess what, they really are easy….and yummy.  I took some to my daughter’s friend’s house when I went to pick her up and now she and several other kids want to come over the Saturday after Thanksgiving to learn how to make them.  Maybe that’s code for eat some more right out of the chocolate wonderfulness, but I’m good with that.

No Bake Peanut Butter Balls - I probably shouldn't be pinning these. I remember making them years ago and they are far too good!:

Great Recipe for Peanut Butter Balls (Buckeyes) (PIN IT!) from Mom Fabulous

That went so well, I decided to try my hand at an edible centerpiece for a friend’s Wine Tasting Diva’s Night.  After scouring pinterest of course, I came across these for my inspiration.

edible arrangements.jpg

PIN from Roxy’s Kitchen

strawberry arrangment.jpg

PIN from Belle The Magazine

I started with a foam ball, used an exacto knife to cut a flat surface to attach to the candle base and hot glued it to a candle base.  Next time I will use some floral glue or double sided tape as the foam pulled away from the base.  I believe these products would have worked a bit better when I was shoving the toothpicks into the ball.


I started at the top of the foam ball and just continued around filling in the closest gap with strawberries on a toothpick.  I did find that as I got closer to the bottom, it became more important that I pointed the toothpick upward before I shoved on the strawberries or they would slide off due to the angle.  I had gaps so I just shoved toothpicks in the holes and layered the blackberries, extra strawberries and grapes in the holes to hide the gaps.


Here was my finished product.  It was a total hit!  I think it was a definite win!

I’ll keep you posted as I continue to try out new ideas and deal with planning a wedding!

We have a RING!!!!

940285200 - Neil Lane Bridal Set 1 3/4 ct tw Diamonds…

I’m not sure if this is the actual ring but it’s similar.  It’s beautiful and fits on her finger well.  She’s wearing it so how she’s going to keep friends and family clueless for much longer is beyond me.

These kids make me laugh.  You gotta love them.

It got me thinking about the Jamberry’s I just bought from Jessica Faulkner at my friend’s online party.  I will have to get my future daughter in law to start wearing them if people are going to be checking out her nails all the time.  I love that those things don’t chip and even though I don’t take the time to cut them for a perfect fit, they still last me about 8 days before the sides start to pull up!  Awesome!

These would be adorable for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Hello Christmas!

Too Cute!

Wedding Nails 101: Ideas For The Bride-to-Be

HELLO! I love this! I must save these for the future daughter in law!

Just Call Me Mrs.

As my first post after my update a few days ago, I decided I would write about one of my favorite topics. NAILS!  Not only do I love a little bit of pampering, but I really enjoy getting unique looks each time I go to match my mood or the season!  In this next post, I want to share with you some of my favorite ideas depending on your wedding decor/style.  So grab your bridesmaids, a bottle of champagne, and head on over to the salon!

My first recommendation is to get a gel manicure vs. a regular manicure.  This extra splurge won’t break the bank, but it will ensure your nails don’t chip until after your honeymoon.  I also think it’s a great idea to go two days before your wedding or maybe the day of the rehearsal dinner if you have off.  It’s definitely nice to have a…

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Shall We Dance? Perhaps Not.

When you are an impatient mother and you are trying to pull details of a wedding that isn’t officially being planned yet out of your son, it’s like pulling teeth.  Actually, these days going to the dentist seems easy in comparison.  I can tell he is annoyed that I now live for 4 Weddings and Pinterest but hello!  I have planning to do!  Where else can you get fast information on what’s trending in weddings these days? Let’s face it, I was married a long, LONG time ago in front of 20 of my closest family  and friends.  Weddings have changed A LOT!

After prying into “the whole ring thing” with him once more, I have found out that he is planning on buying a ring soon and then asking her father for permission.  (AWE, HOW SWEET!) That will take some planning as her father lives 5 hours away.  OK, OK I know he has to work weekends when most people are off so I will cut him some slack on when is he going to pop the question FOR NOW.  But the holidays are coming up so he better get shaking.  I can’t plan without a budget and I won’t know if her parents are going to be helping with the budget until he pops the question to her father and informs her mother that this thing is happening.

Phhht. I don’t like waiting.

In the meantime, I am still bothering him about his likes and dislikes, things he may want to include in the wedding, blah blah blah.  I know that’s what he hears.  But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a very special day for his future wife.  This will stay with her forever.  He needs to give it a few seconds attention at least.  At least we’ve narrowed it down a bit further-neither of them are dancing kind of people.  They didn’t know that it was optional.  I guaranteed them, that it is, in fact, optional.  Especially in the place I envision them marrying.  Dancing would actually be kind of a pain in the butt to arrange things around so the fact that they are very good with no dancing is awesome.

In fact, this makes that place look spacious! HAHA


Photo borrowed from http://www.weddingbells.ca/planning/reception-ideas/wedding-music-to-get-the-dance-party-started/

If you are planning a wedding and actually would LIKE people up dancing their heads off, the link also has songs that they ensure will get this party going!

What the Hay Hill?!!!

(I’m starting this way off topic but I’ll bring it back in to the wedding.  I promise! 🙂 )

My yard is a serious jungle.  We live in the boonies and our county insists we have the aeration system where the septic goes through a series of tanks and then shoots water back into our yard.  This creates an issue with soggy ground and high grass in one section of our yard.  To add insult to injury, we have a 5 year old riding mower who has decided it doesn’t like hills, it doesn’t like to go backwards, and it doesn’t like to go over the last row of cuttings and mulch it up.  Nowadays, it just makes hay and pushes it into a pile that gets stuck between the front tires and doesn’t let the mower turn.  WE NEED A NEW ONE!!!  My husband’s uncle graciously brought his tractor over about a week ago and knocked down the tall grass to a manageable height, or so we thought.

My husband comes home after work and asks if I can start working on mowing the yard before it starts raining as he has been out in the heat all day.  No problem.  I start going over the side of the yard that grows high and realize that there are a lot of piles of grass from where the tractor had gone over everything.  Great.  I’m going to have to maneuver around pulling out hay piles from the mower along the way.  So I’m mowing along making these massive hay piles with the mower, getting the dang thing to back up and let me off the hay pile so I don’t have to stoop over and hand pull that mess out some of the time.  Some of the time, I’m not so lucky.  All of a sudden I hear this POP! Like a car backfiring.  CRAP, that was my mower making that noise.  This poor thing is going to break into flames any moment now.  Hold on old girl.  Get through this last little bit.  WOOHOOO!  She makes it through the last little bit and I look back over my work….there are hay piles on a hill in the back of my property….my God.  We really are hillbillies.  I march right into the house and tell my husband.  It’s time.  That mower isn’t going to make it through the Fall.  You will have to find some money because that thing has to be replaced.

Sweating and nasty, what do I do??? HELLO!  You know me so well.  I get on the computer and PINTEREST!  My son is thinking outdoor wedding so I start pulling up outdoor themes and stuff using square hay bales for seating, mason jars, burlap decorations for a shabby chic wedding.  It’s trendy now, why not? BAM!  The boy child busts in on my thoughts with HECK NO!  (He didn’t say heck.)  NO MASON JARS.  NO HAY!  What were you thinking?  Have you gone mad???!!!!!  But…but….ok.  I’m stepping away from the computer now.

Shot down!

I really like how the sheets/blankets are tied around the hay bales so that you don't get all itchy!

It could’ve been done tastefully. :-/ (See?!!!)